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well ive been to docs again today ive been told i can work as long as i feel safe cos we need the money and the doctor understands that but i must got back as soon as i cant go on hes also looking into why i bruise so easy and said i still have to go for tests for ms so things are starting to move at last ive got the dla form coming and ive applyed for blue badge so just wait and see now thats all i can do

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Hi sarah,

Good luck with your dla forms and your badge. :)

I used to bruise very eaisly and i would have bruises come from nowhere, i never did find out why, i also ahd hair loss at tha time too.

take care, kel xxx


well you seem like you are getting things sorted as quick as you can my badge was 5 day scoming so good luck and hopoe you get it dla is may 21 so not holding out much hope but we will see i will try and go with the glass half full and not half empty that is prob best attitude to have love to you diddle x


Hope all works out well for you Sarah , I also bruise easily and no idea where they came from most of the time. The badge will make such a difference to you went out with my Sister the other day she was happy lol and we didn't have to pay in that car park either as they are few and far between now, just being nearer the shop is a godsend so fingers crossed for you.

Hugs Ruby xx


i know what you mean when we go shopping and i see where i have to park now i think omg i cant do this but i have to really hope i get it as it will make me feel so much better


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