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fatigued all week

does any one suffer with being fatigued its lasted theses 7 days , even thow going to bed at 11pm ,and a restless nights ,during the day my body just seems to shut down ,does any one think i need a check up for vitamins defficiency ,iv suffered with fibro and other health problems for 12yrs ,but hasnt been this bad before ,

We got snow here in yorkshire so darnt go as recoverying from broken ankle to ,

all have a good day if possible x

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the fatigue is one of the hardest parts of fibro to cope with i think. Is for me anyway i feel so weak and drained.

I have had blood tests and only thing i got is anaemia bad so she is referring me to a specialist as its not getting better.

I would be careful about going out the last thing you need is anopther accident to knock you for six. Try to rest as much as possible and see doc when you can.

hugs to you xx


hi ,thankyou for your reply i will try and get to docs next week if up to it ,luckly they are understanding with fibro .

order of my day feet up wacthing tv or on comp . resting ,

and keep warm .




Fatigue is mt killer too, i cant do anything when that is bad, i am going through a good patch at the minute.

As for bloods, you should ask for all bloods done as i didnt and when my specialist looked into it, i was lacking alsorts.

I am expecting miricles for these new tablets to work lol.

The main key when you are fatigued is pacing yourself, do not overdo it even if you feel you can do alsorts. I find it easier to spread things out through the day.

You should listen to your body hun and if something isnt right then tell your doctor.

take it easy.

big hugs, kel xxxx


yes from a person who would be on the go 24/7 to what i am like now its awfull but there you go take care and love to you diddle x


thank you for all your replys ,After another 3 hrs in bed again yesterday still feeling exhausted and so tired sleep from 2pm till 5 pm ,then felt no better ,still was in bed at 11pm .

woke up this morning hoping my body felt better but no chance , so i decided to visit chemist for blood pressure/diabitice test but still every thing was ok regarding test ,

now bought multie vitamins ,was advised to see doc next week for blood tests to find out whats going on after easter if no better .

even typing this blog im shatterd , will keep you posteded .

hugs and kisses xx


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