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All i done wa swent to my sister house party sat on stool and talked to few people for hour and half and came home ! my sister lives a 5 min car ride away so not the journey so why am i so painful today? my arms and wrists are particularly bad today i have not got my supports on yet so they will help but cant think why / well i suppose if any of us knew why and where the pain came from we could fix it ! any way i hope you are all well this morning , it is bit dull today and had to put my thick coat on to walk my doggy round the block for 5 mins but hopefully the sun will shine love to you all diddle x

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Sorry your hurting more. :(

Its hard when you want to enjoy yourself and you know you are gonna ened up suffering for it, I go for a cuppa in the afternoon to friends and that is enough to exhaust me.

Hope the sun shines for you, it is where i am. :)

take it easy diddle, kel xxxx


hi yeah the sky is so blue here and the sun shining but its cold too , but hopefully later will warm up jus a bit , i dont really mind as long as its dry least you can go out . have you got plans for today/ my partner has got golf with his brother then he will prob pick me up to walk the dog for half hour near the beach and i may go to see my eldest daughter and grandsons later i can now petrol strike off it hour round trip so was saving petrol but it will be ok now love to you diddle x


I am going back to bed in a minute lol.

I had to get up to see my daughter up as she is going to see jls with my sister, lucky thing wish i was going lol.

Hope you have a lovely day diddle. :)

kel xxx


oh i dont know / i ate a whole carrot cake as you know and some quiche and 2 x chewit strawberry sweets thats all i had yesterday and 3 xtea and 1 x coffee and lemonade and blackcurrant juice so dont think it was any of those ? hope not the carrot cake lol was gonna buy another one today ! mmm maybe not will only end up eating the lot again and thats getting bit of a habit its a little bit of what you fancy does you good not the whole lot lol love to you diddle x now off to get house work done (nice) love diddle x may be back later i dont know so dont worry if i am not nothing has happened jus worn out xxxxx


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