Ribbit Rubbish

If your feeling deppressed and glum

And your fibro's being a pain in the bum

Just thank your stars your not a frog

Cos then you wouldn't be reading this blog

My legs are stiff and all my other bits ache

My first love is cooking but I'm stuggling to bake

But I really wouldn't want to be a frog

I'd miss out reading this fantastic blog

Now i'm writing rubbish cos brain is in a fuzz

It's time to go to bed but my limbs are on the buzz

I'd maybe make more sence if I was a blummin frog

But then you wouldn't smile when you read this blog

8 Replies

  • that is really good my first love is baking and cake decorating when im feeling really good i now it hurts and will get worse but i still do it although my cakes arnt as good as they were previously but your blog really made me smile thank you soft hugs x

  • lol that made me laugh well done you love diddle x

  • just what we needed to make us smile xxx

  • thanks for the giggle. I love baking too but find it so hard sometimes but I love my cheat of the food mixer takes the strain off the arms

  • I love it :)

    Thats a really good poem.

    thaks for sharing.

    kel xxxx

  • My first input into this site is this to you! Thanks for the smile. Love Lyndy xxx

  • Welcome Lyndybird

  • ahahahahahahaha love it that is briliant...even though I am aching all over you made me smile.. :)

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