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Ode to my fibro

Ouch I'm in pain oh no not again

Up to bed as I walk in the door

I'm trying to work my duties wont shirk

But I fear I'm becoming a bore

My back could be be broke in such pain I awoke

I'm walking like a propper old crock

I miss being a hotty a fit bit of totty

Now it hurts just to walk round the block

Walk a mile in my shoes and I'm sure you would choose

To live in your body not mine

It's not that I whinge each time there's a twinge

I just smile and I say that I'm fine

:-) :-) :-) :-)

5 Replies

Love it you clever thing you.

hugs Butterfly xxx


We'll be able to publish a book soon---keep going


That is fantastic.....I have to say the hotty and totty bit brought a smile to my face!!!

Keep the poems coming!! xx


Like -That is fab, well done you x


love it love it love it well done you that is so good love diddlex


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