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does sugar effect you


I know this is going to sound strange but can anyone

tell me if they find that suger makes then very hot

and has anyone noticed that if they have things

with sugar there sleep is even worse as then you

get hot sweats. and if the answer to this is yes

does anyone know why this happens, I even get

this if I have fruit juice so I quess there must be

lots of sugar in this, and no I am not that age

that went a long time ago.


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I have noticed that sugar makes me feel v.tired.My brain doesn't function like it should,I am slow in thinking ,talking,speech isn't v.clear,and what's more I feel like I am locked in fridge or freezer -a body reaction for loosing an energy i assume..Usually I have to be in bed and sleep!!!I sweat a lot after eating food like pasta,pizza or potatoes combined with meat .I drink only plain water (1.5-2l a day) and only fresh squeezed juice.And that still doesn't help to avoid having terrible pain and fatigue!!!But I haven't vomited for 2 months ,which is a huge relief after years suffering from that!!!

It might help,but to be able to get to that stage I had to go through neurofeedback treatment for 9 months as I hadn't been able to plan or organise anything before (felt v.confused with horrible memory)

J xx


Hi, I suffer quite badly with overheating after I've eaten and my face sweats constantly when I'm at work; I just put it down to side effects of morphine, to be honest! I never even considered it to be a fibromyalgia symptom, maybe I should?

I know I'm sensitive to certain foods, I don't eat wheat but still get slight reactions to wheat free and gluten free products at times.

If I eat sweets like haribo's,I feel dreadful the next day - all flu like and bruised, exhausted and bloated, so I don't eat them at all now.

I have given up all sorts of foods and food groups in the last ten years and I feel like I'm further away from understanding my reactions than when I first started!

I don't have added sugar in my diet, but eat a heck of a lot of fruit and never thought of omitting it from my daily intake.

Anyone else got some ideas or advice?


UK Fibromyalgia,

Hello thank you for your reply I have just read from the

above site that people with FM get low blood sugar

and this is the reason that we get hot, it tells you to

take a snack before you go to bed, but I get hot during

the day. anyway I will try anything as its not nice is it

I have wet patches on my cothes at times not very

femine anyway

such a lot of differient information out there, but no one

realy knows do they, but its good to talk to people who

have FM and have tried things


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