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Good week,bad week

Why is it that when you try and do something the least bit'normal like go away for the weekend,take the dogs for a walk or even stay awake past 9 o'clock it always comes back to bite you on the bum. Went away this weekend for a short break with hubby and the dogs and now I feel 100. Can't get my words out, pain all over especially my feet and hands. Could sleep for England and as for concentrating at work well....good luck with that one. Am getting really frustrated with my body again and to top it of I seem to have what appears to be hay fever this year. As if my eyes aren't sore and dry enough....does anyone else think...what did I do in another life to deserve this. Wouldn't be so bad if people actually recognised fibro as a real condition not some made up thing. Going to see a specialist in fibro end of April ...heard it all I just cynical to life or does anyone think that they are just getting lip service most of the time! If one more person says to me I understand without actually being through it I will hit them......if I could get my hand to close properly of course and if it wouldn't cause me more pain than them :-(

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Hey Gaynor,

I feel for you, i hope you have happy memories of your lovely week end away, now you will need to rest up and pace yourself for a while. Good luck to you when you see the specialist.

For me i am constatly frustrated by the comments "You look so well" yeah, yeah but i only managed to get dressed by mid day! and thats a real effort...

Take good care of you xxx


Hi i aggree with you so much we do all these lovely things and at the back of our minds we know we are going to py for it big time but you enjoy ythe memories of your break and hopefully that will make you smile love to you diddle x


Thanks everyone, we did have a lovely weekend and hope to do it all again over Easter...should just about be recovered by

Have a great time in Malta Chris, take it easy and enjoy the least that makes you feel better and lightens the mood somewhat.

Back at work now and wondering round like an old woman, fibro fog is pretty bad but just have to put it down to old age and laugh it off. Hate to think that people look at me and think 'what planet is she on?' I know its very frustrating for people when I forget things and look at them blank. But believe me I'm not thick I'm just having a thick fibro fog day.

Love to everyone.xx


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