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PHEW, so much to see too little time

I have managed to read 24 pages on here, and I am in pain now through sitting too long, so will have to log off, but I hope to eventually manage more rerading this is a fantastic site, and well done and thank you to the site owner/admin.

I have probably posted some stuff which has already been posted, for which I apologise I wll try to read back posts, but please forgive me if I duplicate any posts.

It ia now 7:40pm, and I didn't sleep a wink last night, so I am trying to stay awake until later on, then take a lovely therapeutic bath, take my meda and have an early night in the hope that I may feel better tomorrow.

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Hi here's wishing you a good nights sleep

lol Susan xx


hope you have a nice restful night (hope ) hugs xxx


hi ditto been on here answering blogs and writing one and in absolute agony so now logging off too love to you and enjoy your bath i have just had mone and now having meds love Diddle x


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