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off to the doctors

well m y two week sick note is up rom tomorrow so off back to doctors to see how im doing.

been reading up on MS as ive noticed alot of people with fibro suffer from MS to me and the hubby went though a list of symptoms we got off the net and out of 30 we agreed i had about 17 of them not sure if im just going over the top like i do or if its worth telling the doctor about.

anyway better stop rambling and get ready here goes

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if you dont ask the question you will not know the answer! good luck with your quest. xx:)


hi i thought i had ms with my symptons my very good friend had ms and died at 37 years old i really took that bad i remember her seeing me before she was diagnosed and told me these symptons she was having and they were like mine so for a year i kept it to myself i was terrified but my GP was pretty sure i didnt have it and no one else has ever said it i even asked my GP outright and she is very honest and said in her opinion she di not think i had it so please dont gt youraelf in a state goand have a chat with doctor love to you diddle x


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