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still looking like tree trunks !!!!!!!!!!!!

my legs are still retaining water , and so painful my neck ,eyes are so painfull and i know that things are going to blow for the next few days to a week and what have i got tomorow a day spent at the pain clinic whop ey !! ..... And if i don't go then they will strick me of the pain clinic , and as i have a tribunel on the go it not going to look good . So i have to go in my slipers and taking meds so think of me as got to go now and go to sleep see you all soon soft hugs to everyone having flair up and to all thouse with foggy times .

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take care Kath...hope all goes well at the clininc x


let us know what happens at the pain clinic. Keep going, maybe they can help control the pain this time


Good luck to you and hope all goes well and your legs get bit better soon love diddle x


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