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Drs list

I was wondering if it is time for a list of supportive drs to be put together. So many of us feel unlistened to (if thats a word). I have thought about changing gps but it seems like a lot of hassle especially if the next one is the same or god forbid worse. Then i think at least my dr knows all my syptoms etc and think better the devil you know. Is there such as list or could we make one?

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I think this is an execellent idea, hope it pulls off.

I have quite a good doc but i know 9 times out of 10 doctors are useless when it comes to fibro.

kel xxx


thank you im still pretty new here so havent discovered all the options, i will go there now though


Yes thats a good idea my GP is soo good i cannot fault her at all she always there for me she is like a friend i can only imagine how difficult it must be not to be listened to i hope you manage to go on the tags/archives and find what you are looking for it takes time to work out how this site works i still learning new things but sure you will find wahat you are looking for love to you diddle x


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