For the last few days the tops of my arms feel like they have been hit with a hammer and if i try to lift them up they feel like they weigh a ton and it is really uncomfortable,

i have lost alot of strength in them too and also i am struggling to open things like bottles lemonade/juice etc it just frustrates me so much that i seem to be losing the abillity to do such silly everyday things but hooefully it is just a flare up ( well i hope so0)

perhaps i have been pushing myself too much in last week trying to be normal !!

and now it is catching up with me. oh well you all take care and i hope you all have a nice day and enjoy the sunshine if he decideds to show himself today love to you all DIDDLE X

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  • Hi

    I have had this FM for about 20 years & my arms & shoulders were the 1st to be affected. They felt so heavey & painfull but I knew I hadnt done anything physical the day before. It hurt to brush my hair or clean my teath or peel potatos. Still does.lol but now I know what it is! From then on slowly, like us all, everthing became the same. Flippin painfull.

  • Hiya, thats where my fibro started was in the arms and shoulders, the left side is the worse of the two, nothing eases the pain, it doesnt help that i manage a cafe full time and its coming in to the busy season again, but just clench my teeth and get on with it, although most days im in agony. x :)

  • Hi Diddle, the pains and stiffness in my arms have been with me for probably 14 years. The real nusiance is trying to read a newspaper. I can't hold it up for more than a couple of minutes. Yet strangely if a bit of strength is needed to do something like remove a cap or lid then I can think myself into a surge of power to do it ! My wrists will give me hell after but the satisfaction at doing the job makes it worth the effort.

    The expression I use to explain how my arms and shoulders feel is to say it is like being continually punched on them. This is a feeling I was familiar with as a child when I was bullied at school.

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