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pain full legs

hi everyone ive been signed off work for 2 week and its almost up the reason i was signed off was because i fell at work and gp says it was my fibro since then my

legs have been more painful than normal and ive had difficulty walking so been using a stick now we really need the money so im thinking of not going back to

docs and just going back to work but my hubby thinks i should go back i just dont know any more do you work through your pain

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Hey Sarah, sorry to hear you had a fall. I am going through same kind of thing at present - also been off two weeks, last month i was hospitalised with adomin pain, deranged bloods (problems with liver) & dehydration.

I went back to work after a week. As I have had so much time off (over the last 18mths fibro & bits n bobs - also had facial shingles 6 times - 3 times since xmas 2011) and of course money is a BIG worry factor.

I only lasted a week and 2 days, Then a major flare up, I was on my knees , just couldn't function and fatigue was at its worst, went to GP a jibbering wreck and tearfully explained, she said i need time to rest and to get my strength back, she signed me off two weeks.

Spent the first week fretting about everything and then decided, this was only making matters worse. So rest & relaxing began ( I am not too good at this, but i new i had no choice, by pushing myself, i'd taken the choice out of my hands).

I am due back to work on Wednesday, but got see my GP Monday , i was thinking the same as you but as my mum pointed out "your health and managing your condition is priority," As much i understand this, its so hard when i only get ssp, the bills are mounting. But maybe she is right.

Just a suggestion, but i noticed the old sick note, are now called fit note and a DR can advise employers of a employees need and support required to enable a employee back to work. I think i may talk to GP about this. We are all different, but working through my daily FM pain, having a routine and interests outside the home give me a focus and can help me through the tough times. Just need to find the balance now.

So i say go see your GP ,Think i should follow my own advice lol

Good luck , Chat soon Lou x


Hi Sarah and Lou

I am now retired on ill health but for the last few years before that I struggled daily to go to work although I knew it was detrimental to my health. I spent all day drugged up on painkillers to get me through the day and evenings and weekends at home trying to recover enough to get myself back to work on the Monday, That was until the day I woke up and thought there is no way I could carry on doing this.

I too was worried about bills etc. as I live on my own but it felt so good not to have to struggle constantly just to do the most basic of tasks. I worked in the NHS and had been to the Occupational Health Department who had suggested various things to help me stay in work. I had hundreds of pounds worth of new equipment bought in the hope that it would help but at the end of the day I still struggled with pain and although work paid lipservice to the suggestions made by OH they still expected the work to be done and were not really bothered about how that happened.

My advice would be to think carefully about what YOU think is best for you and take advice from your GP if he/she think you should have more time off. At the end of the day it is your life passing you by and although money is always a worry its surprising how you adapt and can manage with less of it.

Take care and make the right decision for you xx


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