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Catchup Internet probs!

Hi All

Sorry not been answering blogs have major internet probs at mo very annoying my youngest puppy has chewed through the cable that goes to desktop so got the laptop going, but think it's the router causing the problem have to go and get a new cable as it needs to be long to go into my conservatory, but will try now and catch up with some posts.

Hope you are all doing as well as can be hope the heat is helping love to see the sun although find the heat can be as bad as the cold! it seems different when you go abroad to do with humidity I think, this weekend is set to be nice so enjoy Soft squidgy hugs to all Ruby xx

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My 2 are just being put to bed as being naughty it's like having kids they are fighting now Bertie is yapping because Charlie isn't in bed lol (he is now!!) Well Jules your daughter ows you some slippers then lol but maybe the spa will suffice!!! so envious a steam room would be heaven love to sit there and deep breathe leaning against the warm walls lovely!

Hugs Ruby xx

Christine Yes you are right you have the right word have been little buggers last few days. I am hoping all being well we can get the cable for desktop tomorrow.

You take care to Hugs Ruby xx


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