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my freezer door just fell off !!!!

i think i need a gin or three lol :-P

trying to do dinner for kids one of those nights that they all want different food :(

two yr old crying cause hes hungry and tired

open freezer door to get chips out and it falls to the floor !!!!!

somebody knocks on the door at the same time freezer door slams to the ground cause my daughter touches it ,my two yr old is crying even more !!!

deal with the person at the door ring up company to come and fix freezer

cant come untill tomorrow ! can you tape it up the lady says how brilliant !!!

my two yr old refuses to eat cause hes over tired ,wonderful !!!!

anyway its finally calmed down 5 children fed and watered :-D

the freezer has duck tape on it ,so its all good lol :)

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Wow! That must have been frantic! Yes I think a gin would be in order! I don't know what your finances are like, but near me we have a place called Furniture Now - they have freezers and things for sale. If you are on benefits they are cheaper if not, still cheap - or you could try Freegle? Look for a Freegle site near you, join it and make a request. If you have anything to offer they spread the word and people in your area can pick up stuff from each other. Its like a swop shop, but you don't have to offer something to the person you want stuff from. Sorry, hope you understand.

Soft hugs and hope things improve!


ah hun bless ya, mad few hours, yep def a gin moment lol , oh and don't you just love duck tape, holding my tumble dryer door on lol. The sun is going to shine so have a lovely wkend with your crew. Chat soon Lou x


yes atleast they are coming tomorrow it could be worse they could have said a week knowing trades men like i do

got a glass of wine and now going to have a nice hot bubble bath

have a good night everyone xxxx


Hope you got it sorted - big hugs!


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