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muscle stiffness and weakness

My husband bought a treadmill which I can manage 10 mins on most days and some short walks as well. The physio has given me some exercises to to to try and build up muscle strength in my back and legs. But I get shocked sometimes to see how poor my muscle strength is - today I treated myself to getting my toes painted - sat on the chair and the girl sat opposite with a low stool to put my legs on; done this dozens of times before but today my legs wouldn't life high enough.

I'm still new to this game - is this all part of it?


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Hi, after reading both blog and response I see both sides of the coin, really bad FM, or managable.

One massive way of improving your health if you have FM is to exercide as best you can, for some this may be a few little exercises, gradually build up over time, or maybe a 20 minute walk.

The key is to do strengthening exercise and also aerobic exercise. Our muscles need oxygen and one way to work the muscles and make them better is to get new oxygen to simple terms. It is also good for your heart too.

I think the treadmill option is actually a great idea and you can set yourself achievable targets and slowly increase the amount of exercise you do. It is always best to get advice from a physio like you say who knows about FM. You can do a little bit of non impactive exercise, which may hurt after the first few times of doing it, however over time you will be able to increase what you are able to do.

I can speak out of experience and the research I have read. the less active you are, the more you will become immobile and have increased pain.

Jules, I don't want to come across as contradicting what you say or be antagonistic...sorry, just suggesting a different slant of though. on't want to upset anyone!!

Good luck with any exercise anyone can do. xx


hi, just wanted to say i use a treadmill for walking (not running ) and have found it very helpful. i just do 20 mins steady walk and wear proper cushioned trainers for the impact. x x x


I LOVED hydrotherapy. It was the 44 mile round trip to get to the pool that I couldn't cope with. But it did strengthen my leg muscles to the point where I can do some of the exercises on dry land.


Hi caroline,

I am stiff all the time, and my left side of my body is so much weaker than the right.

My legs feel like the have lead boots on and i cant walk that far now.

Exercise is good but you do have to be careful on how much you do. i have been told that swimming is the best form of exercise foe fibro, but you wouldnt get me in a costume lol.

kel xxx


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