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just thought id let you know how the fibro fog springs into action all the time im at work and esp when i have to put a call out on the tanoy.

the other day someomne asked me if a member of staff could cut him some velcro well the callout should have said

"team announcemnt can a free member from hard side come to the tills ,customer enquiry"

what came out of my mouth was

" team announcement free member to the velcro isle"!!!!!!

well had the customers and staff in stitches

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Haha, I know how you feel. I often do that when I'm typing, Will be thinking one thing and typing another lol. When I read back, I think wtf?


lol :-D

i just said to my mum cause my two yr old was glued to peppa pig

"thank god for feppa fig " :-D


OOOH I am so glad I am not the only one with Malapropism!!! My grandkids laugh at me all the time, and they reckonh, 'Nannan's not wired up right' The little monkeys, they do stuff to wind me up too, like hiding my glasses, or saying something absolutely stupid to me and I believe it, till they start laughing!!


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