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day 3

day 3 of pain had shooting pains up the legs now to ive got to go back to docs next week as i should be going back to work fingers crossed i can do it or its look for new job time as we cant live on just hubbys wages its driving me insane

i also aapplied for a blue bagde last night due to me falling alot and beening in pain dont think ill get one but worth a try i guess.

got a meeting with a benifits person soon to see if i can get anything not hope full about that either but oh well life must go on

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will keep fingers crossed for you, hun. after all, don't try, don't get...(will hope that you get!)


blue badge is a godsend, I couldnt do without mine


think positive Sarah! think of your worst day and tell it like it is. if you are deemed not fit for work then you need to be claiming benefits. I hope it all works out for you. (need is a good word!) xxx :)


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