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Ok so 3 hours in town walking around trying to find pictures to put in my newly decorated hall /hot choc at costa and looking in all the shops in town and now i am absolutely worn out, i had piece of carrot cake for tea could not be bothered to do anything else and cup of tea . i aqm now going to walk my doggy in the mist (dont know where that has come from ) and then get in a hot hot bath and sit on my sofa with mty heat and massage pad on my back, i have got to drive to my daughters tommorrow to see my grandsons for couple of hours so really need to relax and have good night sleep tonight so i am ready for tommorrow but cant see the sleep thing happening but you never know, ok people it sounds as though its been bit of a day on here for few of you so lots of love to you all and hope tommorrow brings you all something really lovely you all deserve it enjoy your evening and the apprentice starts tonight woo woo i love hat love DIDDLE X

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lol you are funny night night love diddle x


take care, enjoy the tv and gentle cuddles with yourdog...hope you sleep well xx


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