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pain pain go to spain

woke up this morning, feeling like i had been run over by a herd of hippo's. my hips,kneess,ankles,arms,wrists,fingers,shoulders,back, everywhere. even my scalp hurts. its like mt body is covered in slow drying clay and every step or movement feels like a workout. im warm one minute,cold the next. ive broken out in my usul skin rashes all over. the itching like thousands of red ants driving me mad. sometimes id love a to rub myself out and start again. this is only the beginning of my bad spell...the worse is yet to come.

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So sorry melissa....hope the evening is better for you x


Aw bless your heart that sounds funny would like to rub yourself out and start again lol that made me smile so much hope you escape the bad spell love to you diddle x


aww thank you guys, im a right grumpy bear lol. i have a two and three year old boys one with serious disabillities, so the fibro is a pain (litterally) lol. shame there isnt an off switch. i think on day like today i might walk around with a sign saying 'approach with caution' lol, we have to laugh sometimes. laughter is good medicine. love to you all xxx


Aww melissa, i hope there isnt worse to come hun.

I am a right grumpy git too when i am in agony, only with my other half though, do you think thats allowed lol.

Take it easy hun, big gentle hugs.

kel xxx


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