I've just been to the drs and been prescribed tramadol in the hope it will help me with pain and sleep. What are your experiences with it - any good? Failing that, in a couple of months I might end up on pregablin, that thought scares me a lot.

I had to pay over £24 for my prescriptions, even the pharmacist was disgusted - the joys of chronic conditions :( . Note to self.....MUST GET BETTER!

Have wonderful weekends xx

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  • Suggest that you look at the cost of a season ticket for prescriptions and surprise chemist did not recommend them to you.

    Afraid results with both tramadol and pregablin not good. Still was in pain but brain function badly compromised.

  • Betty's suggestion is excellent about the prepayment can save alot of money if unfortunately you end up with having to take severeal meds a month it was the first thing I did when I started to be prescribed mutiple meds and it certainly helped with paying for them. I was lucky as it was the chemist who suggested it to me.

    I found Tramadol really helped my pain but unfortunately it gave me a persistant strange headache day and night and in the end I decided I would have to stop it. My friend has used it after surgery and had a few strange side effects initially but these soon went away and she said it helped the pain immensely.Have been on Pregablin now for about 5 years starting on the minimum dose and slowly building up the dosage. It knocked me about for the first two weeks but now it just makes me feel a little tired all the time. It has helped with the burning, knifing neuropathic pain but does nothing for any of my joint pain.

    I do hope that you find something that eases it for you.x

  • Hi,

    prepayment certificates save a lot of money. I take tramadol and it works really well for me. I take the slow release capsules.



  • Thanks guys, just came hone from shopping and had a bit of a tearful moment, I'm so desperate to get my life back and not be awake most of the night with pain xx

  • Yes I can really understand that. Sometimes it just hits you out of the blue how much your life has changed and unless we are made of stone we all have these moments, also lack of sleep makes bearing the pain harder.x

  • Prescription pre-payment

  • Thanks xx

  • Hi smartcarkaz

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling more like your usual self again now after your shopping trip? I would also have to agree about buying a prepayment card for your prescriptions. I have one and pay for it by direct debit, it is very useful.

    I have never used Tramadol, but I wanted to wish you all the best of luck with it, and I genuinely hope that it helps to alleviate your pain.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • I didn't know you could pay by DD - I haven't been able to afford the 12 month one as a one off payment, I'll look into it. Thanks Ken xx

  • Hi please try and stay off Pregabalin for as long as you can, I don't mean to sound dogmatic it's just that I'm starting the long and no doubt very painful road of coming off it! Since I've been on Pregabalin, which my then GP put me on as a substitute for Gaberpentin, I've gained weight got multiple body spasms and deteriated brain function! Yes it helped my pain and sleeping, but at what price? I sincerely hope that tramadol work for you and that you never need to go anywhere near that awful Gaberpentin.

    Huge hugs. S xx

  • Gosh that sounds awful, my GP said pregablin is a last resort so she seems supportive enough. Hope you manage to find something that works for you. Lets keep each other updated :)

    Hugs right back at you!

    Karen xx

  • From experience of someone close Tramadol is highly addictive and the person has been trying to come off them, with the gps help, for over two years. There is a site with discussions about the problems people have. I am on pregabalin, I don't know if I am addicted as I have not tried to come off it. Tramadol frightens me, pregabalin doesn't.

    Tramadol has just become a regulated drug.

  • I wondered why I had to sign for it. It's not to take all day every day, just in case of emergencies. And it knocked me out for 12 hours yesterday so it's strictly for weekends only xx

  • I was prescribed Tramadol for pain after total knee replacement in 2013. When I tried to wean myself back off it I had terrible withdrawal symptons. Shaking, tremors, fidgeting and couldn't sit still. I felt sorry for drug addicts or alcoholics trying to get better it must be ten times worse for them. I now only take Tramadol occasionally in desperation never on a regular dose so as not to get addicted.

  • Mine is for desperate times too, weekends only as I have to work all week and need my brain! xx

  • Hi i was on tramadol for a few months didnt help my pain, i just lost alot of weight with it as id no appetite but had no problems coming off it but maybe thats because the tramadol was replaced with brutrans patches. my pain management doc says its the hardest drug to come off and lots of gps dont realize this.I hope you get something to help. its an awful position we are in trying to control pain with all these strong drugs. but i guess weve no option. Sorry i couldnt help more. good luck xx

  • I took 2 tablets at 2pm yesterday and was high as a kite until 2am. It helped with my pain though and is the first thing ever to do so. It's for emergencies only so I'll think of it as a weekend treat. I was told butrans is aimed at cancer patients so isn't recommended for me, plus I'm a sensitive soul and get every side effect on the list! Hope you're having a pain free weekend xx

  • Yes the tramadol can take some time to get used to but after a few weeks the feeling high settled down with me and i returned to work and was ok to function on them. Not sure about the brutrans being aimed at cancer patients i think that might be the fentanyl patches which my pain consultant wanted me to use and thats why i didnt want to use them but i could be wrong. i really feel for you being sensitive to meds. ive seem to have built up such a tolerance nothing really works now. I hope you can find something to help your pain during the week and get some relief.I take a cocktail of meds frm nerve pain tabs to muscle relaxants along with anti inflammatories and the patches. its as well im not sensitive like you as i rattle when i walk lol. Maybe you could ask your doc to refer you to a pain clinic if you get no ease but i hope you do xx

  • Just applied for a PPC for my prescriptions definitely the cheapest way to do it. My specialist said I should take tramadol I react to it very badly it gives me heart palpitations I can only take oxynorm at various strengths prolonged and immediate release with codeine phosphate for good days I also take amitriptyline daily so I suppose it's trial and error to see what suits you when I was first diagnosed I was on fentanyl and morphine

  • Hi Karen, of course I will keep you up to date, that's what I've found fantastic about this site people really care, probably because we're all in the same boat. It's such a relief to know that your not going mad n that insane pain is not a figment of what, if it were, your own insane mind! You know what I mean haha and forgot to say my GP is putting me on amitriptyline to replace the Pregabalin. Good luck with everything I'll be back in touch when there's anything to report, keep the faith,

    Huge hugs. S xx

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