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Anyone going bald?

I have had thin hair since my mid thirties but now in my late 50's I have quite almost bald patches. It makes me feel so bad about myself i don't go out sometimes, as it looks so awful.

I have had it cut quite short now as it seems to look better than try manage it longer.

I've heard on some site that it is part of the illness but have never met another fibro sufferer who is going bald.

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I havent got bald patches but mines gone very thin, your right it doesnt make you feel good, Ive always had long hair but it going to have to be cut


Hi plumcake,

I used to have lovely thick hair but two years ago it was comming out in clumps. It has not been as bad lately but the damage is done now. I havent got bald patches but right in top of my hair my hair doesnt sit right, so it wouldnt suprize me if it did go bold, I am only 31.

kel xxx


me too... mine is so thin, it come out every time i wash and brush it... thought it was just me and years colouring and perming... it has got worse over the last couple of years...... i'm only 39 and hoping i don't go bald before i'm 40 lol

Take care

Sarah xx


Mine doesn't come out noticeably, when i wash or brush it, just thin has hell.

Sorry you have the same problem. No answer that i know of. Various hairdressers have tried to flog me products but I don't but them, no point.

Take care and i hope yours gets no worse. xx


My hair has got a lot thiner recently and comes out easily. I'm 56, and this has worried me. My hairdresser recommended some Vollumiser, and a change of shampoo and conditioner. Two or three months down the line and although still a bit less thick, its in good condition and looks much better. Maybe you should talk to your doc, you can spend a lot of money finding the right product. Love Suexx


I've not spent any cash on products to help it grow back, waste of time and money. I have spoken to my GP with no interest whatsoever, she just commented "You are going bald!" Very helpful.

Nothing has made any difference. I'm using a coconut based shampoo and conditioner and spray with coconut oil. No improvement at all.

thanks for your comments and best of luck ~ Annette :)


Hi, thanks for the advice but I don't believe in those remedies.Just out to make money, same as those anti-wrinkle creams, they are all baloney. May as well use vaseline. I heard on radio programme from an expert.

If something in your make up says you will go thin, you go thin,Besides that is not in the uk and costs $39.95 for 1 bottle before P & P. that's almost a week's food for me.

I do no know why I am losing it, but it started in my thirties round about, and I think my mum had thinning hair at under 40, used to wear a piece but as she died when I was 11,I don't know know what she would be like later in life. She did have what was called a frontal lobotomy which may have been the cause. It did no good at all. Neither of my sisters have thinning hair, in fact one has a bush of it.

I havea striong feeling it is thyroid as my eyebrows miss the the last quarter, and thought the blood tests comeback as normal, I believe the NHS ranges are incorrect. there is a book called the Great thyroid Scandal by Dr Barry Peatfield which I got from the library but failed to take it all in.He has a clinic in the south UK

Hope this helps anyone else trying to get to the bottom of hair loss.May not grow back but that's life.


Hi there,

I highly recommend you to use Reloxe because that's what i have used when my hair got thinning and i thought i'm going to bald. But with the help of Reloxe it can totally grew my hair back.



Thank you Rachelsjulia, but this is an American site and I'm in the UK.

I am now taking a lot of supplements for other reasons.

I do have a recipe from my new Ukrainian hairdresser which has egg yolk etc. It is cheap and easy to make and although I've only used it once so far, my hair has behaved it self and felt in control

Here's the posting Note on my facebook proifile

1 egg yolk

1/4 teaspoon of red chilli powder or less if you are sensitive

1 teaspoon Fish oil ( I used cod liver )

Castor Oil, ( I couldn't get any so left that out)

Vitamin A & E pills crushed (I used Selenium mix from esavers which has C too)

1/2 teaspoon honey ( I used Manuka Active 10+ £3 odd from Aldi)

Alcolhol - any Whiskey gin vodka (I used Gin as i don't drink it) 1 teaspoon in my case as i got short thin hair)

Massage well into scalp (I forgot that bit, but will do now)

That's it!

Mix well together and partly dry hair apply after shampooing, leave for 1 or two hours

Cover with a shower cap, and I've used a hat on top, and my head is lovely and warm.

Must be the chilli working;that 's supposed to stimulate the hair to grow, opens the pores I spose.

When I washed off the utensils I'd used it did not leave an oily deposit at all, so when I rinse it off I will see what it's liker before I decide if it needs washing again.

Which means another conditioner after, otherwise my hair gets electricity in it, which kinda defeats the object. ha ha A bit like Groundhog day again,

Had one of those nightmare days this week.

Just another tip; The fish oil is a bit worrying when you have cats about!!!

Jessie is going mad here, but I just realised I have cooked her fish in the microwave and she's come down two flights to get at it.


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