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Im fed up of being strong,and if one more person says I look fine Ill explode,hubby always says I never say how I feel, so he got it with both barrels, How I feel Im scared witless , Im in chronic pain all day , everyday, am I depressed I sure am, I find it hard to walk, I try but I look awful, I dont sleep rarely go out , I have loads of falls, but my worse faut is putting on a brave fave when Im screaming inside, so the next time somone asks how I feel I might just tell them it wont be long before I see that glazed look on their faces

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Not much i can say Lally - i know how you feel. When was the last time you went to your gp? You have lots of really strong emotions going on, i can only give you hugs hun xx


Ive just started seeing a new one, my last was like a chocolate teapot,the trouble with this illness is 1st finding somone to believe in it, as such Ive been dx in the last 3 yrs with probable ms , cfs? fibro? arthritic spine and hips, sponylisis, epilepsy? and the list goes on, its only now Im getting help thanks to a great social worker


Well think we have all been where you are Lally great that you have a social worker who is getting you help and a good G.P keep strong Hugs Ruby xx


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