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Off to the doctors...... double appointment with new GP

Just getting ready to go and see a different GP this morning, I wanted to see my regular doctor but couldn't and got to see this one. He seemed really interested in my FMS and looks like he wants to research it. Since I saw him last I have come off two meds with his full knowledge and hoping we can get some more things sorted today.

Will let you know what happens later!!!

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Oooh that sounds promising. Hope so! Let us know when you get back. Good luck!!! :)

Sue xxx


Thanks Sue!

ps snail mail on its way..... :-D


:) Ok x


good luck


Good luck misskittycat,

let us know how you get on.

kel xxx


Hi all! it went really well- really did make a difference seeing a different doc! I have another double appointment booked for after the pain clinic - looking forward to it!

Just hopping mad about DWP now- only giving me £79 in back money. at least we sill have power and warmth!


Will post more about the doctors when Ive calmed down!!!


Good to hear your appointment went well sorry to hear about the DWP though hopoe you have calmed down now!!

Ruby xx


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