Off to the doctors...... double appointment with new GP

Just getting ready to go and see a different GP this morning, I wanted to see my regular doctor but couldn't and got to see this one. He seemed really interested in my FMS and looks like he wants to research it. Since I saw him last I have come off two meds with his full knowledge and hoping we can get some more things sorted today.

Will let you know what happens later!!!

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  • Oooh that sounds promising. Hope so! Let us know when you get back. Good luck!!! :)

    Sue xxx

  • Thanks Sue!

    ps snail mail on its way..... :-D

  • :) Ok x

  • good luck

  • Good luck misskittycat,

    let us know how you get on.

    kel xxx

  • Hi all! it went really well- really did make a difference seeing a different doc! I have another double appointment booked for after the pain clinic - looking forward to it!

    Just hopping mad about DWP now- only giving me £79 in back money. at least we sill have power and warmth!

  • Will post more about the doctors when Ive calmed down!!!

  • Good to hear your appointment went well sorry to hear about the DWP though hopoe you have calmed down now!!

    Ruby xx

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