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off to bed!

hiya all hope you all have a wonderful day.... i should have but i have been very low today and tearful... cant wait for this feelin to stop feel so stupid as i have no reason to cry... but thats what i feel like doin... i dread anyone askin me if i am ok in fear that i will just break down lol.... still just takin me meds so i am off to bed... hope ya all sleep well and not in to much pain as nighttime is alweasy me worst!!!

night all big hugs x x

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Goodnight my lovely, sometimes its just best to let those tears out, i find i feel a whole lot better emotionally for a while if i have a good cry.

Hope you feel happier in the morning!

Tracey x


Hope you have sweet dreams and wake up feeling a lot better than when you went to bed.

Its 3.30am and I'm sooo tired, but my eyes just wont close.

lol Susan xxx


aww dont worry we have al been there your not alone bless you, you take care and if you want to cry you really should you will feel so much better for it love ya xxx diddle x


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