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I am currently 9 weeks pregnant, I'm in so much fibro pain its unreal!

my last pregnancy altho didn't get very far I was completly pain free

for the first time in 4 years! So thought trying again wud be fine!

can't explain how I know that baby will be fine I just do but just

struggling to cope with the pain don't know how I'm going to cope

for the next 32 weeks :(

(I have 2 children but didn't suffer with fibro untill after the birth

of my youngest)

Feeling quite scared :(

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Dear Emadavies,

I'm sorry you are struggling with pain at this time of such happy news.

We have a 10 month old and I experienced increased pain during the pregnancy too.

My B12 dropped in pregnancy and this was contributing to my increased nerve pain , as you need B12 for the nerve covering. It may not be the case for you but it might be worth speaking to your Midwife about having a blood test, just in case.

Please keep us posted on your progress

Sending strength & thinking of you



I had that checked before an came back normal but be worth asking for it to be checked again as I know vitamin B does make me feel better, thank you

Also I know its a long way off for me but do you know if u can go back onto meds after the birth if u plan on breastfeeding?


I had to go straight back on my medications and no breastfeeding allowed as they passed through to easily. Bottle feed baby , not my first choice but if you need to be up & about to comfort, change etc and the only way is on your medications. I thought well it is better than feeding by breast and being too exhausted if that makes sense.

Congratulations by the way, I would say keep your midwife informed all the way and she will discuss with the GP the best way forward.



hello and happy new year to all. i am going for IVF treatment in mar 13. I have ben taking folic acid and multi vitamins for over 6 month and vitamin d as it was low for 4months. Suffering with pain a lot these day and not taking any other medication just paacetamol every few days when i cant stand the pain any longer, as i hve heard that it can limit your chances to becoming pregant.Anyone know if this is true.Has anybody gone through IVF with fibro? Your advice would be truly appreciated.


Congratulations but sorry you're in so much pain. Hope you get something sorted soon


I reall think that fibro pain is linked to hormones. Having had fibro for many years and having been throught the change and taking the pill etc this has always had an effect on the pain. In the eairly stages of pregnancy the hormones are all over the place. I really feel that you will have it settle down a bit once the hormones settle. God luck and congratulations on the baby xx


I have you tried meditation? or even some reflexology or reiki but you need someone who really knows what they are doing or they could leave you in more pain. Bev xx


Yes, I find meditation wonderful for pain and also holistic massage - you can buy a book that includes a section on self-massage if you can't afford to go to for a massage - its by Denise Whichello Brown and I think it is called something like get started in massage. Studies have shown that it reduces pain by 38% and is the most effective complementary therapy for pain. I use Holistic massage on myself about 3 times a week, its a time I put aside for myself and pamper myself, have a soak in the bath, do my nails, have a massage, and I do feel much better afterwards.


Midwife knows about fibro so has said I need to book appointment with consultant to check if I can take meds! Midwife sed a big no to co-codamol but docter sed yes in limited amounts

I breastfed my youngest for 2 years, so I hope there's something I can take while breastfeeding


Hi emadavies,

Congratulation !!

I have 21 months boy. I was diagnosed with fibro last July- Aug but when I was pregnant, I very very tired from the beginning to end. I had palpitation and low pressure all the time especially after the meal. I couldn't walk few metres without a rest. I have to resigned from one of my jobs (I was working in 2 diff places at that time) as I couldn't cope with the stress. I could not bear the labour pain even after had epidural. ( it worked only at the beginning) but I managed without any painkillers during pregnancy but had Pracitamol after the delivery as I could not bear the pain with the cut I had. Considering all these things, I suppose that I had fibro at that time too. It is always good to take care with medication and food while you are pregnant, breast feed, as everything you pass through your mouth,, will easily pass to this little innocent. ( not 100%) drugs never do good to anyone. Pharmaceutical companies don’t love us as we think. However, I don’t want to make you scared telling all these things. I hope you the best. Try to be relax all the time rather get stress. Stretching massages, (what is good for the pregnancy) meditation, yoga, always make yourself busy with what you like could help.

Best of luck XXX


I feel like iv made such a big mistake! All iv been thinking is as

iv always wanted a big family is that I need to have another asap

because the longer I wait the worse my fibro gets but it took so

long to fall pregnant I can no longer cope without the pills! I never

even took into account the labour pains being so much worse or

breastfeeding for 2 years

I feel like iv followed my heart an now my heads kicked in making

me wake up an see reality an its scary


Went town today an iv totally over done it, my legs feel

paralysed with pain, so had to take some co-codamol :(


When I was pregnant, the first trimester was exhausting, but for the second trimester my fibro disappeared altogether. I wish I could remain 5 months pregnant for the rest of my life. I hope you get that same break that I had. Good luck with it all. xxx


Thanks for offering a glimmer of hope lol! Just so scared I'm gunna

feel like shit constantly! Doesn't help that I feeling sick 24/7 never

had morning sickness before, feel so drained


congratulations on your pregnancy Ema. am sad to read that you're suffering even more than most in the early weeks. have you spoken to your rheumatologist and GP about managing your pregnancy with FM? sending you lots of hugs to get thru your challenges. let us know how things go x


the waiting list is 2 years to see a rhumatologist, iv got to see a consultant but not got round to ringing yet!


hi ema, we are all dif with our fibro but i hav been off my meds and my pain has stayed the same and not got worse with my pregnancy so i feel blessed. I have been told that its just after u give birth the pain kicks in once hormone levels drop and they are putting in my care plan to hav IV morphine ready for me!

i too wqnt to breastfeed and usually have bupronorphine for my pain control, they say it can cause drowsiness in baby so they will just keep an eye on my dosage.

This is my fourth child and i am once again going it alone, if i can cope then anyone can as i cannot walk far and used to rely on a mobility scooter!

All the best to you hun, i only have 4 wks to go now!!!!!


sorry its been so long, been wanting to tell every1 my pregnancy is going fine, but forgot my login details, ooops!

well im now 15 weeks an 4 days an feel so much better than the first trimester, had a family day out the other day an over did it so 2 days later im still a bit achy but to be expected but am not having the usual niggily pains that really bug me, ya know the pains that you havnt done anything to expect

how are you doing wiccamom? have u had baby?


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