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Oh What A Night

Just thought Id keep the singing momentom going, ha ha. Had a rotton night not sure which part of me hurt most, ended up listening to my ipod till 3am.

Finally dropped off to sleep for two hrs woke at 5am nodded off then an aquiantance of mine txt me with a mothers day poem at 7 45am, very much appreciated but a little later would have been kinder.

Hips, knees, ankles, wrists and hands are very painful especially my hip and wrists. Ah well winge over for today Keep On Truckin! One musn't weaken, I know easier said than done. lol xxxxx:( :)

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Oh don't you love it when people send you poems or jokes at that time in the morning when you haven't slept. Put it on silent? lol

I slept well enough but it took me a while to get off and then I woke at stupid o clock. Probably cos my son and granddaughter are here and I'm not used to people being here much.

I'm really tired already and it's only noon :) :) xxx


I always get things like that at early hours and i know i tell people to text any time i normally awake you can guarantee when they do it normally the time you have just literally dropped off lol love to you diddle xx


I daren't put my phone on silent as me little mam is in a home with advanced dementia. And you can guarantee one of my kids would ring to say one of the babies is poorly


This is very true Susan, it would be bound to happen if you had it on silent. I never turned mine off at night for years when Steve went into a home but I do now cos I've got a landline in the bedroom.


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