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will someone tell the viliage their lost idiot is here :)

well after a long sleepless night filled with painkillers cups of tea an even deal i had some the floor had the rest ,,,,lol,,,, my best mate took me to argos to replace my beloved e book reader ,,, we gets to the till and silence ,, id forgotten why i was there ,, now some might say the bag with the faulty e book reader would give me a clue ,, but id forgotten i had hold of it ......the poor woman is looking at me and i had no idea what to say , luckily mark is never short of words ,,so he sorted it out and i got a replacement ,,, but he knows when im about to meltdown ,,, and i did instore which was mortifying ,,,, some days i hate my life ,, im not who i was and as yet i dont know who im going to be ,, the problem is we dont get chance to mourn the loss of us , because we are too busy trying to get friends and family to acceot who we are ,,, lifes a bitch ,,,

anyway thats my daily bitch i hope everyone is having a better day gentle hugs xxxx

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Wow thats extreme! Its great you had your mate there isn't it so it sounds like you do have some support, which is lovely.

In my opinion and how I look upon it is:

'You do not need to mourn who you were, you have just developed in a way you don't like and need to accept it; then you can move on and deal with what life has thrown at you. Become the strong, confident person you want to be, not the wilting flower who gives in and gives up. You are you. What and who you are is beautiful or you would have no one caring for you'.

I hope that wasn't taken personally, but if its a point of view that helps, please use it.

Be strong, and remember being ditsy is cute! [One way of looking at it]

Marylyn Monroe was a ditsy blonde, just pass it off as a blonde moment. I'm a red headed blonde, and have been for years!

Take care of yourself and your friends/family.

Soft hugs


thanks hunny ,, thats actually a really good way of looking at it ,,,,i just seem to be having a number of bad days latley ,, i think if i had proper sleep and managed to keep the pain levels down id be okay but right now got to have bloods done as my gp thinks i may have lupus as well as hyper thyroidism and fibro ,,, soooooo my head has gone west and rest of me god knows where lol xxx


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