my wish list[things Id do if I was well]

1 wear my killer healed gold squin shoes

2 go back to work Im bored witless

3 go dancing Oh I loved dancing

4 get tiddly I gave up drinking 2 years ago

5 move to bulgaria as we wanted

6 shop til I dropped in Varna

7 go roller blading with my daughter

8 lose a few stone I miss my old clothes

9 ditch incontinance pants and wear a nice pair of pants

10, walk and walk and walk I loved going for a walk

5 Replies

  • high heels yes plse

    cant remember the last time i wore those and walking in the sun for miles

  • how did you know my wish list to , God you are good

  • i think we re all the same Im 5 2" I miss my heels, i might just wear them when Im in my wheelchair

  • Hi,

    Yes my wish list to. I do put my heels on when we go out on the odd occasion for a meal to walk to the car & into the restaurant. Then kick them off under the table..I just cannot get rid of them.

    Gentle hugs Xx

  • I gave my high heels away would love to have worn them again but feet have been painful for 3 years now so cant see them getting better but hope one day they do.I did 50s Jive since I was a child and to give it up killed me.I,m now wearing padded comfort shoes not exactly sexy lol.

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