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Well after a not so much hectic day but a busy one i dragged 9literally0 myself to bed at 11 pm and lid there nearly all night awake in pain and uncomfortable, but in the hope that i would wake up refreshed this morning (very much wishful thinking) i was up at 4.30 am jus sitting in the chair and not knowing what to do with myself and an hour and half later i am still the same 1 of my Grandsons is coming at lunchtime the youngest one (2) his brother is at nursery. and i am having him for couple of hours for my daughter but luckily this week my other daughter is off work so she will be here to help me. i feel worse than i did yesterday and i just want to cry i really do when will this end i am 46 for god sake 9 sorry taking lords name in vain0 do not mean to offend anyone but i really cant seem to see any light at the end of this tunnel (and i know deep down i never will see it 0 its just i am having a woe is me moment and i need to snap out of it and quick before i bring everyone else down, i will be ok jus getting it out of my system hope you all ok today and have a pain free dsay love to you all Diddle xxxx

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Thanks so much christineelsxxxxxxxxx you always seem to say the right things to me i am ok just sometimes you sit here and it all flow out and i dont want to bring anyone else down just venting it out as others do we all do we have too and i like you try and cheer them up and give them a lift and it works on here you write something and usually within few mins you get a reply and it cheers you up and again you know your not alone/going mad/imagining all this. you take care and hope you have a nice day the sky is blue the sun is shining here and its only 7 am so what more could you ask for got my 2 daughters here in bit and one of my little grandsons so how can i be sad today :) love to you and a special Thankyou and hug to you Diddle x


Hi Diddle it is just nice to know that when we are feeling so down you can express yourself. Knowing the people who read it totally understand. It has been years now I do not make arrangements to go out anywhere special. Just say to them depends on the day if I can hack it would love to come - if I know it will only enhance the pains no way - sad for all of us because we do miss out on a lot of nice things


Hi diddle,

I know how you feel its terrible when the pain is so bad and sleep just wont come or if it does its an hour at the most :( sleep deprevation making the pains even worse. After finding I was regulary pacing the house every night in pain and everyone was in bed i finally gave in and accepted some wrist splints not the most fashionable item but with them and my lovely hubby investing in an e-reader I can follow my passion of reading as I can manage to hold it.

I have 2 lovely children and a wonderful grandson so I feel so lucky and try to forget how horrid this illness is and how hard we constantly fight for people to understand it as my husband has multiple sclerosis we take each day as it comes and try to smile : ) xxx

Sending smiles and hugs to everyone xxxxxxxxxx


Glad you too got e reader or kindle they are brilliant would not be without mine yes the splints are not attractive but to be honest they ok in winter with long sleeves it s the summer they will look odd with a summer dress but there you go if they keep my lower arms and wrists stronger fashion goes out window and who is to say i wont start a new trend and everyone will want them ????? we could make our own business ? have a good day love to you diddle x


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