bodys answer to wrists

dear wrists we have done as you asked we have kept up dragged up the stairs helped you struggle up off a seat , dragged wherever you have led ,,, so why in holy hell did you not catch us on a downward spiral down the stairs ...

yours decidedly fed up rest of body :(

ah welll at least one thing worked today have a good pain free night folks x

6 Replies

  • Are you saying you fell down the stairs? x

  • bless you hope you are ok :)

  • Aw trish hope your ok and didnt do yourself an injury? Sounds like you need to get yourself a stair lift if your going to be falling down them! Big hugs xx

  • yep i certinally did my right leg decided it was ot going anyway near same way as me ,, luckily more hurt pride ,,,,but if i dont laugh about it im gonna cry lol gnight girls sleep easy x

  • omg i hope that you are ok bless your heart it a shock when you do that, make sure you ok and relax today take care love to you and telling off to your wrists love Diddle x

  • i will live girls although right now im considering taking my wrist off with a hacksaw ,,, this pain has been relentless just had my best mate take me to argos to return faulty ebook reader and was stood like the villiage idiot ,,,,, luckily being my best mate he knows the signa of when im going into meltdown x

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