Volcano ready to errupt


Been feeling so angry recently, I got diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 2 weeks ago and ever since I have felt like I'm a volcano just waiting to erupt. I'm not an aggressive or angry person and I've tried to control but I've been bursting into tears randomly everyday and getting so angry over the littlest of things and taking it out on people closest to me which I hate doing.

I don't know what's wrong with me and feel like I'm going insane!

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  • Hello _KM1996

    The way you are feeling is entirely natural and understandable, especially to a young lady who feels daunted by a diagnosis of fibro, and no you are not going insane!

    It sounds as though you are going through a realisation of what the future may hold for you and perhaps you are angry at what life has dealt out.

    I suggest you speak to your doctor about these feelings so they don't become all encompassing.

    There is life after diagnosis, young members here have still managed to go to university, raise a family and do normal and ordinary things with the support of family and friends.

    All is not lost.

    Please keep in touch and let us know of your progress.


  • Thank you, your reply is very reassuring, I will speak to my doctor and see what they suggest!

    Can't help but feel like I've been dealt a crap hand, trying to stay positive but just can't at the moment, I don't feel myself anymore!

  • You are not going insane, a diagnosis of fibromyalgia takes some getting used to, the symptoms can be so random you don't know one day to the next how it will affect you, you will get good advice here and do see your GP, I had several courses of CBT to help me come to terms with it all, if this is suggested to you please give it a go, none of this is imagined its real and debilitating, get all the info available, someone will give you more help than I have I'm sure xxx

  • Did you find CBT very helpful, would you recommend it? And thank you for taking the time to reply!

  • I did find it very helpful, it doesn't suit everyone but worth a try at least x

  • Hello, I just looked at your previous post and wonder whether you are annoyed at it taking five years to get a diagnosis ? It is a very difficult illness to diagnose as the symptoms are similar to a lot of other illnesses. I would be angry to, to know you are affected whilst so young. You need time to come to terms with this, I really think you need to be kind to yourself at this time, treat yourself the way you would a friend who had been told this. Do something that you know will make you feel good. Take care

  • Thank you! I completely agree it's just finding the time, I work full time and I'm doing a degree on top of that, find it difficult to find the time to treat myself but will try to find some, thank you for your reply though, someumtes it's just nice to know someone understands you!

  • Blimey, working full time, doing a degree and dealing with fibro you don't like taking it easy ! Fibro is exhausting too and affects memory too, it all adds up to more pressure on you. Any chance you could get a massage or something similar ?

  • I have an appointment this Friday for acupuncture and a consultation so hoping that will help with it all! But no, it's not easy but I'm determined to live a normal life and do everything I want to do, even if it means suffering a bit more in the mean time! I don't want this disease to take over me!

  • Hi _KM1996

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • You just got a rubbish diagnosis. Worse, because it's not something 'serious' and 'important', you are now beating youself up for feeling rubbish about it. Welcome to our rather rubbish club. Not this lovely forum but the condition obviously. ;)

    Here people will help you figure out what all this means. You have a Chronic pain condition that is both misunderstood and has no cure. You have every right to feel miffed.

  • Hello I was exactly the same when I was diagnosed just over a year ago and still have occasional outbursts and get tearful.So I totally sympathise with you.It is not easy to live with.The only way is to train your mind to think of other things but it is so hard when you are hurting so bad and are so fatigued.Sorry I do not have an answer for you.Linjack xxx

  • It's jut nice to know I'm not the only one feeling this way to be honest, I'm not an aggressive person so was quite scared when I started feeling like this but it helps knowing it's just part of this disease rather than me going insane! xx

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