Offline for a week

Well, after tonight I will be offline for the most part of a week as my broadband is switched off tomorrow and I won't be in my new home til next week. I have a mobile broadband dongle but the connection is variable.

I will miss the support from this group , I've made some new friends in the short time I've been here who really KNOW what having multiple health problems is like .

I hope you all stay as well as you can and don't suffer too much pain and I'm looking forward to being back on here soon.

Hugs for all.


6 Replies

  • Good luck with it Helen, try not to do too much and make yourself 'ill'. xx

  • good luck hun. Moving is such an upheaval. I am ex-forces & have had 32 homes in my lifetime. 12 in my married life. please stay calm & it will all work out fine. There is always tomorrow or the day after that. XXXXXXXXXX

  • Best of luck hun with the move.Just remember to do only what you can.The word of the day is Delegate as much as you possibly can.See you soon Hugsxxx

  • Good luck helen, hope it goes smoothly for you.

    we will still be here when you get back :)

    kel xxx

  • Hope you have a stress free move hun, i agree with Butterfly54 Delegate.

    Lou x

  • Good luck Helen, hope all goes well. Be sure and tell us all about it when you get hooked back up. xx

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