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Anyone on Oxycontin?

Anyone out there on Oxycontin. Did you know oxycontin has no or little effect on us FMS sufferers.

I have just come off this terrible medication, the withdrawals are the worst, I felt like I have never felt before. "Cold Turkey", I know a little about this now, the way the body craves for the drug is horrible. Even though I reduced it to a low dosage before stopping. Here are some of the withdrawal symptoms

I have copied the following information from:

These are very accurate in my own experiance.

"Early Symptoms of Oxycontin Withdrawal Include:



Muscle aches

Increased tearing


Runny nose



Later Symptoms of Oxycontin Withdrawal Include:

Abdominal cramping


Dilated pupils

Goose bumps

Nausea and vomiting

Is Oxycontin Withdrawal Dangerous?

Withdrawal from Oxycontin use can be very uncomfortable, but it is not life-threatening. However, there are complications that can occur, which do pose danger. ... "

I hope this is helpful to you, Oxycontin has ruined lives, in Canada they have banned this drug. Throughout the world this is drug is used by many recreational drug users. If you can come off it then do so. It changed me into a not very nice person, it is controlling. I am sure that pain can be treated without a drug like this. Question you GP if they suggest opioid for FMS, don't be afraid. Its you body and mind that is at stake. You do change, don't believe everything you read. The web is a great place to find information, do so and know what drugs you are putting into your body.

Your friend

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I was on half the lowest dose tablet for 3 days, my speech was slurred I couldn't walk without help it was horrendous my gp took me off it immediately when I turned up at his surgery in an ambulance. My OH thought I had had a stroke.

VG x


Strong opioids are not recommended as treatment for Fibro. Because with Fibro you have fewer available opioid receptors than normal, opioids cannot work as effectively in someone with Fibro. And having Fibro can make you more susceptible to side effects. So the risk-benefit ratio is poor for these drugs.

Mild opioids such as codeine and Tramadol are recommended, as they can be helpful to take the edge of the pain and the side effects are generally less dangerous.


Sadly so many of us have been misdiagnosed, we trust our health professionals to make the right choices for us. I wish the NHS was more like the Spanish health system. You have to see a specialist for a confirmed diagnosis before any medication is given. Within a week or 2 you are seeing the right person. Scans, test what ever is need to sort you out, It may be expensive but in the long run it must save time for the hospitals, and the patient. It also must save a great deal of money.

Thanks Lindsey for your comment, yes I learn this through my research on the web, not from the doctors.


A number of years ago I was on Transtec ( was like a plaster which I'm allergic to) so I was put on Durogesic Patches, this is after a number of years of hell and climbing the walls in pain, tried every painkiller available due to allergies and conflicts with other meds so started at 25mg up to 50mg then 75mg top of them all100mg, at that point and no relief doc decided oxycontin and oxynorm, oh God helped me then I know he did, after a few days I had all the side effects deelightful had and I was curled up in a ball on the sofa when my daughter came in from work and phoned the doc right away, after a consultation on the phone with my daughter, (I was in such a state I couldn't talk except give a moan to the doctor which was my permission that he speak to my daughter on my behalf) he told her to slap on a patch and put me to bed as the patch would take 12 hrs to get some fentanyl into my system, so he would phone in the morning and see how I was, well I was still sore and felt awful but at least I could speak and most of all communicate to hold a decent conversation with him, he asked me to make an appointment to see him and bring along oxycontin, oxynorm and durogesic 100mg so I did this and when you look at all 3 drugs they all have the same withdrawal symptoms and side effects, so we'll never quite know what the reaction was as doc had never seen it before normally the switch over is very good, I was then on durogesic 100mg for 7 years along with a combination of other meds :( that don't work, they just ease a little of the pain.

Take care & Keep well.

Aches xx (softest & gentlest hugs to all)

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Yes, I feel for you. I hope you are on something now that helps. Did you know that you had FMS when prescribed OXY.

I makes you question a lot of these drugs, don't you think? what are you on now?

I am interested, your friend


So sorry for late reply ~ having an extremely bad flare up and really bad depression so nothing is of interest to me at the moment except tears and sleep.

Yes doctor knew I had fibro when prescribed OXY I'll give you a list of what I'm on now:

300mg pregagablin & 2mg diazepam 90mg MST in the morning,

2mg diazepam at noon

2mg diazepam atpm

90mg MST 300mg pregagablin 300mg efexor 25mg amitriptilyne 2mg diazepam

AND 10mg ~ 20mg of sevredol for breakthrough pain of which I used to use sparingly but pain levels are through the roof, got pain clinic again in the morning so here's hoping.

Thank you for the interest.

Aches xx

(((soft hugs)))

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You're on a lot of meds there Aches, have you had a review of your meds lately with your GP? It's always advisable to have a review every so often to ensure our meds are working at their best for us. (See message below about the use of strong opioid meds for Fibromyalgia)

I hope you visit to the pain clinic goes well for you tomorrow.

(((hug))) xxx



Hi Libs,

This was both between doctor and pain clinic I'm on these meds, last review September 2012, no-one seems to be able to get pain under control and I have another lot of meds for different things,, Asthma, COPD, Osteoporosis, IBS and athritis in the left hip, I cannot take a lot of meds due to life threatening allergies :( so I'm restricted to what I can take. I am in need of help quickly as I feel like I'm losing the will to live (seriously thought about suicide a few months ago, but this does not help my family). All I seem to do is cry.

Thanks for taking time out to reply to me.



(((Soft Hugs & Tears Now)))


Hi Libs

Pain clinic took me off pregabalin after 3 months as they said it was not doing any good so back to gabapentin also to reduce sevredol by 1 tablet a week/fortnight then consider changing anti depresant from efexor to duloxotine, I'll just have to wait and see what happens next.

Thanks for advice earlier.

Take care and All The Best for the Festive Season

(((Soft Hugs)))



Hello Aches, make sure you give your new meds time to kick in and take full effect. Hopefully these will help you and make you feel a bit more positive and able to cope.

Please know that we are always here for you, we will always listen and try to help wherever we can.

You are always welcome to private message Admin if you would prefer, we will always get back to you asap.

Take care Aches, here's a hug for you. (((hug))) xxx



Hi, sorry for not getting back to you, me too having a bad time.

Ask you doctor to send you to a rheumatologist, say you want a firm diagnosis so that you can manage your condition. He may say he will send you for blood test to rule out the nasties, but be persistent. A rheumatologist will examine you , possibly more blood test, but he will tell you most of the meds you are on are not doing any good. I was on diazepam, oxycontin, and many others for a long time. This type of drug has no effect of F.M.S. The hospital will be the best to get you sorted onto the right medicines that you need. My rhum., talked about Pregagablin and amitriptilyne,. How did you get on at the pain clinic. I go to one once a year now, it was twice but they said there was nothing the could do for me.

I hope you had a good day today,

your friend.



Thanks for taking the time to reply, pain clinic a no go, just took me off the pregabalin I was on for only 3 months and switched back to gabapentin,asked doc a few months ago about being referred back the rheum but they both said no as no nee for it as my bloods are checked on a regular basis from them, I just feel like I'm only haha 51 with no life, can't drive now due to meds :( so I'm stuck in house can't go on bus journey too painful, got 2 lovely grandchildren I'd love to spend more time with but can't, either asleep or too sore 1 is 10 and the other 1 is 14 months and another due late summer, I just want to be able to hold the youngest 1 and then hold the new 1 when born if I can, my daughter, God Bless her delivers extra large babies 9lb 7oz and 10lb 5oz so let's hope the next 1 isn't 11lb 3oz one good thing though she goes from 1st to 3rd stage no transition stage for her. Have doc next week and will ask again about rheum and hopefully I can get pain and moods under control.

Take care and Have a Lovely Festive Season!

(((Soft Hugs)))



For any of our members who aren't aware of Sevredol as a medication, it is in fact morphine which is an opioid medication.

For more info -

To reiterate Lindsey's post earlier -

LindseyMid FIBROACTION 4 Dec 2012Edit | Delete

Strong opioids are not recommended as treatment for Fibro. Because with Fibro you have fewer available opioid receptors than normal, opioids cannot work as effectively in someone with Fibro. And having Fibro can make you more susceptible to side effects. So the risk-benefit ratio is poor for these drugs.

Mild opioids such as codeine and Tramadol are recommended, as they can be helpful to take the edge of the pain and the side effects are generally less dangerous.

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Thank you for this clarification, a lot of people are not aware of this.


Your friend


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