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I have just read some awful blogs people who feel so alone that family/friends/ GP s dont believe that they can have so many things wrong and suffer so much pain its awful you feel like bangig your head against a brick wall you really do so its nice to know on here you are not alone and someone will always be here to listen and support you take care everyone now going to bed for bit worn out / cold and in agony so my mask is now been thrown across the rrom lol love and soft hugs to you all diddle x

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it really is nice to know that there is someone out there and we are not alone, although we can feel like that many times when you try to explain what fibro actually is, it seems that the majority of people who really understand are the one's that are suffering with it too. hope you feel better after your lie down, am in lots of pain today too with my arms, shoulders, neck etc., just taken more painkillers! x


It's really good to know there is support here, and people seem to genuinely want to help and support others, it makes a difference to the bad days.

Sleep well.


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