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Bless my mum and dad they know that i am suffereing i finally decided to tell all my family the truth when they ask and not hide it with yeah i am fine , It is puring with rain and they have just turned up with 4 bags of shopping for me , they do it every week now mum calls me tues night and they go and get all the shopping i ask for wed morning how kind is that and they dont let me pay for it either(they know how much money is coming in on income support) i am so lucky and my sister too she often brings me a bag of shopping or a treat. she is a beutician with her own beauty room within a salon and so she does all the treartments its a shame i dont like being touched i could have massages, manicure, pedicure.facials anything , all i have is my eye brows waxed and my nails painted !!!!! perhaps one day any way now going to get warm and sit on the bed so take care all and love and gentle hugs to you all Diddle xxxx

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aww you are a lucky girl, my mum thinks i am attention seeking and has that old fashioned attitude GET ON WITH IT

my children sort of understand but i am mum ...


Thats an awful thing to say get on with it, we do to the best of our ability dont we but some days we jus need to sit or need some help , my kids find it hard as i was always the one up and down like a yo yo never sat down rushing here there and everywhere but jus cant any more , you take care love to you xxxxx Diddle x


its funny ive always been the "carer" but now everyone looks after me, take all the help you can get, it hasnt been easy and Ive had to let go of the reins but hopefully we ll get through this,


inspiring. getting your extended families on board has been hit and miss with me. after four years they now seem to be finally trying to see pass the pychosymatic

thank you for sharing xxx you deserve that pamper xxx


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