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Bad night - grown up children arguing and me in the middle!

I think as a mother you never win when it comes to kids arguing. I feel battered on all sides as both say that I didn't support them in the arguement. They are good kids but I think I've made them selfish and they forget that as they get older so do I and the Bank of Mummy has all but dried up since I'm unable to work. Life is very different now.

This morning I feel dreadful but must buck up as we have a viewer and I have to be all bright and cheerful.

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how old are your children mine are 19 and 22 and i still view them as children...

when they where teenagers i used to shut my bedroom door and let them to it but things did get broken, not bones ...

now i defo leave them to it, but if all else fails i mention living on the streets, them not me ! they normally know i am really cross and feed up at this stage, my voice and language will have risen ...

i even turn the eletric and gas off to show how fed up i am of them ...

bless you stress is such a killer for us BIG MUG HOT TEA INSTANTLY


Yeah it ism horrible when you have to say no to kids i hate it, my girls are pretty good they do know if i have got it to give/lend then it is theirs but if not sorry no go, as i am sure your kids do deep down they just dont seem to compute the word no. Quite few years ago when i was married my x husband had good job and money was ok and i could let them have alot but now its different and like you i have to really watch the pennys if something goes wrong ie yesterday car battery packed up i had to get new onw which was 38 but thats my shopping money for week plus 13 0n top so now this week i have got to be careful so i know it is hard and i hate it when my girls argue not very often as eldest moved out when she was 20 but it is awful if they do have a ruck love to you xx diddle x


been there done that, and bought the T shirt Ive got 5 kids,27,25,23,19,13. they are very good but my god they can argue,I just tell them now if they want to do so go out of my house, 4 still live at home,and things arent easy with this ilness, so I sat them down told them all the problems I face and now i cant do things I used to, but it took a brain seizure and me being rushed to hospital to make them take notice


Hi there, thanks for your lovely comments yesterday. It is soooooo good knowing that I'm not on my own! It seems to have settled down but for how long, I don't know. They are 20 and 21 and like chalk and cheese. Here's hoping for a peaceful day!

I might fall on the floor to see if they do anything but I think they might just step over me! Lol!


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