Chest pain

Hi there I have been suffering from chest pain now for over a week before when I've got it I went to the hospital and said it wasn't my heart,I wouldn't have gone to the hospital if I didn't have recent heart ops In 2009/20010 so thought best to getit checked but as my first thoughts they couldn't tell me why I was in so much pain. So now ive got this pain again but this time I'm also finding it hard to swallow so if anyone else has any of these symptoms could you tell me what you've done to help ease the pain

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  • Hi

    I had very similar episodes a couple of years ago. The first time I went to A&E, they actually started to treat me for a heart attack (I was 43 then) and then decided it wasn't and had a similar episode a few months later. I had all the heart tests including a 'stress test' (which wasn't very pleasant), but they said my heart was find and 99% healthy.

    They put all the pain and breathlessness down to my fibro, signed me off work for a month and increased my meds...and I have had no more of these episodes.

    They said it was the muscles around the heart, Fibro affects the muscles and the two where connected.

    Besides all my other meds, I am now on 40mg of Citaloprin daily and it seems to have done the trick for me.

    I would certainly go and see your gp as having problems swallowing is also a sign a of high anxiety.

    Good luck and I hope this has been helpful.


  • Thank you the meds I'm on are 40mg of zomorph twice a day and paracetomol four times a day these do not seem to be working for me also taking antidepressants as well grr I just hate having to live my life with pain da in day out and nothing I do just doesn't help

  • Ok I will do thanx the pain is worse in my chest but the pain is all over the top half of my body also have an upset stomach as well just not happy as I used to be so active and now I struggle with everyday things it gets me so down

  • Hi you are noy going to believe this last weekend i too had a pain all around my heart i was terrified thought i was going to have heart attack or something else but did not know what anyway i tried to convince myself i had pulled a muscle (god knows how had not done anything) anyway by late sun afternoon still there so mentioned it to my partner who said oh perhaps you slept funny( i always sleep funny thats if i get any stupid sleep 0 so i brushed it aside. By monday afternoon it had just dissapeared as quick as it came and been ok since then on here i read others who had same so YES it is all part of that wonderful fibro, as for the swallowing again yes i get that i am eating something and it just feels like its not going to be swallowed it is awful feeling so again all part of it , you would not think one body could have so many things wrong would you take care love and hugs Diddle xxxxx

  • Hi David,

    Just wondered if you've ever suffered from gastric reflux ? I ask because I have it and I get the most awful pains in my chest that feel like a heart attack . It seems to be mainly at night though , I do sometimes get it throughout the day too.

    I had all the tests for heart problems , which were clear but I know it feels really scary when it happens.

    It may be worth going back to your GP and asking for a barium meal to check, especially if you suffer recurrent bouts of heartburn , indigestion or upset stomach.

    One other thing , I've found quite a few people with Fibro also have Sjogrens syndrome , it has similar symptoms to Fibro but can also cause very dry throat / mouth and eyes . It may be worth getting checked out for that too.

    Hugs xx

  • Just want to say thank you to all of you who have left a comment I shall see how it goes if it doesn't ease then il make myself an appointment

  • Just saw this this flare I've been

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    Same symptoms. Had X-ray to

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    New symptom.

  • I've had two heart surgeries I've got 2 mechanical heart valves, keep going back to go or a&e and ask for a second opinion just to be sure it is very important. Good luck.

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