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From the mouths of babes!

I saw my sister yesterday and she told me to get a tissue handy when i asked why? she said look on the table. and there laid 2 little letters from my nieces who are 11 today and 13 in few weeks they had sat there the weekend and wrote me a lovely letter each(totally unprompted , my sister knew nothing of it) saying how much they love me and i am best auntie ever and they want me to get better and help do things so i dont hurt myself. Well the tissue was soaked after reading those bless them how kind and they wan to come round next weekend and do all my house work for me 1 what can i say it was lovely how they done that i am very lucky to have such a lovely family who are trying to help me all the way Perhaps i should open up more? love and soft hugs Diddle xxx

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Aww that was lovely i had tears in my eyes lol.

It so nice to be thought of isnt it.

kel xxx


Thats lovely, i have five children and know how a note, picture or a hug at the right moment can open the flood gates.

My three oldest are adults now and busy living life to the full one having made me a grandmother 20 months ago.

Its my 12 and 15 year old i worry about. They have a pretty bad time in comparison with how the others had it.

How do i make them understand that mum isn't just lazy and that i do genuinely have to have regular lie downs or that i dont cancell things coz i cant be botheredbut that i'm really incapable of doing them.

I always feel so guilty, which upsets me, then i just feel useless and that i am letting them down.

Is there a leaflet or anything on how to explain this horrible condition to anyone or specifically kids


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