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Thankyou All x

I just want to say thank-you to all the lovely people I have interacted with on here ,although i feel bad that you are all going through the same as Me , Its such a great comfort for me to know that you all know how I feel , Some-times i feel like giving up ! I am 44 years old and feel like 94 sometimes but I wont let fibro beat me antoher day spent in ed today but thank god for this site and all you lovely people out there hope you are all managing to have some kind of a good day one way or another ,keep smiling every-one :-) Sue xxx

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Hi there Sueuk couldnt of said it better myself, well said x


I'm going to appoint Swannie as my spokesperson today lol, I'm having a bad day, not being able to think straight and answer posts cos I'm really tired and have got pain today. I'm reading posts and want to reply but my brain and my fingers aren't in harmony :)

Well said from me too, it is good to know there are people who know how we feel and who we can chat to. Sue is a popular name on here isn't it...... :) xxx


OMG just read your blog, was going to reply and forgot what the blog was so had to read it again lol! Brain dead!!!!!

I'm feeling like i got the flu today without actually having it, feels so achy and tired. Want to go to bed too but kids will be home soon.

Big hugs to you x


Hi there sueuk,

I am relatively new on here too, its a god send to me.

Nice to meet you.

kel xxx


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