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Why should we have to justify ourselves?????????????

Why is it that when people with fibro want a blue badge or DLA or another benefit or help we have to really justify ourselves and things seem to drag on and on. No disrespect at all and i do not wish to cause offence to anyone with ant dissabillity what ever it may be but if we were blind perhaps or deaf or had lost a limb no one seems to question that fact but when we say we have fibromyalgia out come the forms and more forms and questons and doctor reports etc surely as soon as we write down on the forms or apply for anything which may help us in our daily lives that we have Fibromyalgia that should be it end of ?? shouldnt it? love and hugs Diddle x soft hugs that is x

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It could be due to the fact FM is not visible to others and also not well known. I do agree there is a certain amount of discrimination. Just got to keep calm and not let it bother us. The more stress we carry, the worse our pain is. x


I guess there are many people with other not well known illnesses who think exactly the same as we do about FMS. I think it's because we only have the experience of claiming things for FMS.

perhpas I am one of the lucky ones, I got a Blue Badge without any problem and I also got DLA the first time I applied for it, I did have a doctors visit as home to get it. I have been awarded it again each time I have had to renew it. I have now been awarded it indefinately but I guess that could change when this new PIP comes in.

Good luck to anyone applying for a Blue Bade or DLA


We shouldn't have to justify ourselves. There are medical people making the decisions all along the way and they should be up to date on the research or at least have a reference available for each condition that may arise. The decisions are being made on out of date knowledge on FM and many other conditions. I have been refused DLA twice and will probably apply again. I was on Support Group ESA until earlier this year when I was bumped to Work Related Group. This is a political move, not a medical one. Loads of people in my situation had the same thing done, that is because our whole group will lose our benefit once the new Bill is passed. I can't work, I would love to work as staying home is so mind numbing, but I can't work. Don't know what will happen over the next year. Will I be forced to work, making my condition even worse. I had been hoping to take some courses with the Open Uni to at least occupy my mind, but now all is on hold. I feel like my life is always on hold, waiting for GP's, treatments, benefits decisions. It's like we can't even take control of our lives because so many people have a say in it now. Rant over :)


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