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hi... i am on fentanyl patches 75mg,

i take fentanyl patches 75mg. also i take oral morphine.. i am on amitrypline. paracentomol. lansoprasol, vitamin d3 at 5000 units... i also take diclofencic and diazpam when needed... i have tried lots of pain killers in the past and been on those tablets for about 2 years now.. i feel they work the best for me.. i am still in pain every day and also the fatigue is still very bad. i was wondering if anyone else is on those meds..

hope ur all well at the moment .. diane

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Well i am on co codamol amitrityline citralopram and transdermal pain patches 20 mg i have been soooo many tablets the last 2 years but that is what i am on now and like you the effects only last for a while i often wonder how i would be on nothing it cant be much worse could it / you take care love and soft hugs Diddle xx


Thanks Diddle I have never tried citralopram or transdermal pain patches My doctor is not ver helpful perhaps it's time for a change.

Soft hugs love and healing thoughts for all of us Aspiritwoman xx


well jules to be honest.. i have this new doctor and he is trying so hard to get me off those meds.. i am very scared to as i find the fentaynl patches and oral morphine are the only things that i have ever been prescribed to be of some help... i have tried lots of others including... tramodol co codomol and they never even reached any of my pain.. i know how u feel about the fatigue with those meds and i am acrually going to try coming off the amitrypline slowly.. thank u so much for replyine.... xx hope everyone that replyed is feeling ok and not in to much pain and able to have some sort of life. xxx


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