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Hi I am still waiting to see the specialist been waiting since 09/12/14


Just looking for some advice when I wake up in morning I am really stiff in neck and back although today was my shoulder that's a new one. When I wake up my feet just seem to slap down when I walk and take ages to walk normal in morning. Today I had pain in my hands and they feel quite thick and heavy usual shoulder and neck lower back pain but today also a first I had what seems like shooting pains almost like trapped nerve in leg. My doctors seem to think this is fibro but as you can see I am still waiting to see rheumatologist. Please any advice would be great I am also really tired. Whatdo yyou guys think your experts at dealing with it . its all beginning to get me down.

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Have you received an actual date yet to see the specialist or are you still waiting for one?

It sounds typical fibro and if you look up the symptoms you are having on the Mother site FibroAction or one of the other patient sites you will see all those symptoms you have listed but of course with the shooting pain down the leg that could also be sciatica and some of the other symptoms can also be there in other conditions. That is why it will be good for you to see the rheumi so that they can do blood tests etc to rule certain things out.

It is terrible to be so up in the air not knowing what is what. Hopefully once you have a firm diagnosis they will be able to help you better. I know I have both fibro and osteo arthritis with other health conditions and to put hand on heart half the time I don't know what condition is causing what pain or symptom as they can mimic each other.

Soft hugs going your way, Hope you see someone soon and get some solid answers.x

Zita71 in reply to rosewine

Thanks rosewine it driving me crazy and my husband he keeps saying he is feed up looking at me in pain x x soft hugs to you to my doctor has said he is 99% sure it is this as Ana blood test was positive x x they have also put me on 75mcg of amatriptoline x x I have things going on as well under active thyroid asthma IBS gerd as well on b12 injections to I just feel if you were to shake me I wood rattle ha ha

rosewine in reply to Zita71

I also have IBS and GERD with asthma but fortunately since I went on Pregablin the asthma has been much improved and I have been able to drop the preventer inhaler and only use the blue occasionally. I liken myself to a tube of smarties when I am walking along. I have been offered an anti depressant and have to decide whether to take that instead of one of the Opiad meds I am on so big decision. Have you found it helps with your sleep?

Zita71 in reply to rosewine

Hi sorry for not getting back sooner yeah they where really good at first coping with the anxiety and are still good for that but for sleeping they where fine at first now not so much x x hope this helps

I am so sorry to read this and it is impossible for me to say to be honest but I wanted to wish you all the best of luck with your Rheumatology appointment.

Have you actually received a date yet? If not, I suggest you chase up what is happening with you referral in case it has got lost.

fenbadger in reply to Hedgerow

Agreed. The NHS is stretched and doing their best but giving them a sense of urgency if needed might help.

Hi guys more bad news when I called today they now have put the appointment waiting time to 26 weeks at least so I had no choice but to complain. Which I hate doing but was just angry at there attitudes.😡😡😡😡 so here is hoping I will be seen soon for this is pulling me down x x thanks for all your support guys gentle hugs and kisses

Hedgerow in reply to Zita71

Wow, long wait. Sorry about that. x

Zita71 in reply to Hedgerow

Hi just to let you know that I sent the email yesterday to hospital and they called back now have appointment in April 15 x x lots of hugs

Hedgerow in reply to Zita71

Great! xx

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