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Hi I am new to the post & also just recently diagnosed with FM


I just wondered if I am on the right medication as I just read someone on here taking Amatryptaline & another anti depressant can't remember the name citralapram I think. I am amatryptaline at the minute just gone from 50mg to 75mg as I went back to my Gp yesterday & explained that after 4 weeks of taking them I feel no different I still feel really low & snappy & angry with the world. Still also in lots of pain the only thing that's improved is my sleep at night but then I wake late morning which isn't like me but feel very groggy & takes me a while to come round. Before I couldn't sleep at all so I am happy in that respect. Just wanted some feedback really or advice with being new to all this. I have been in pain for 15 months but only just diagnosed with FM, I also have pip breast implants that I am having removed next Friday which I believe are the cause of my FM, any one else have these on here would be great to hear from you too. Thanks xx

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Hi Suzi

Welcome to the site. We think it is the best around for Fibro days and even longer nights. There are many categories of posts feel free to join in any time.

We also love to have a laugh and jokes and virtual games trips so keep your eyes open.

There are pages on medication infibroaction.org

It does take quite a lot of time to get the right medication so go slowly, I take duloxatine and for me it helps immensely.

A word of caution we re not medics and we always advise people to see their own doctors if something new occurs or for meds.

So a huge Welcome to you looking forward to getting to know you.



Hello suzi . As Gins had said it is early days yet and it takes a lot of trials to find the meds that are right for you. I also take amitriptiline and like others on the site find that it is great for sleep. but unless you get the timing right it can make you groggy the next morning. Try taking them an hour or two before bed so that the effects have worn off by the next day.

If you go to the butterfly at the top of the page and click on it, it will take you to our mother site where you will find loads of info about fibro from symptoms to claiming benefits.

Have a look round and then you can come back onto the site later. If you have any more questions please ask and if you feel like joining in a conversation just go ahead we are all friends here.

Welcome and hugs sue xx

Can I join in with gins and sue in welcoming you to our lovely forum, which I consider to be the mostly informative and supportive one I have ever been a member of.

I too take amitriptyline and it certainly has made a difference to my sleep for about 80% of the time! but getting to the right dose to help with sleep and not feeling odd the next morning is a case of trial and perhaps error. I would really advise you to talk to your GP about it, I am presently taking about 80mg which I take between 6.00 and 7.00 if I take any later then I do the night watch and feel groggy the next morning, so perhaps a word with your GP as to what he feels would be an appropriate dose for you. We all respond to meds differently and things which at very low doses work for some, do nothing for others, so it is a very personal thing.

I hope that the removal of your implants may make some different for you, I can't recall hearing about links, but I would never dismiss any link, none of us know the true cause of our Fibro and many of us have had it for a very long time and others not, so the is caters so very well for all of us !

I much loon forward to seeing you around and send you some positive healing vibes to see you through your operation next Friday, do let is know how you get on. :-)

Foggy x

Hi xxxsuzixxx

Firstly welcome to the forum and I genuinely hope that you find it useful? As gins says we are not doctors so it is always best to discuss things with your GP. Amitryptaline contains a sedative component that many patients do not get along with. If you find that is the case with you, it may be worth discussing Nortryptaline with your GP as this does not contain a sedative.

I have pasted you a link below to our mother site, FibroAction, and it is full of useful Fibro information:


I genuinely look forward to bumping into you around the forum.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

welcome suzi :)

I can only echo what has already been said, please feel free to share, question, chat and join in.

I might just add, I cannot take amitriptyline as I had a bad reaction, there are a variety of med's and it's just a case of working with your gp to find the right ones for you.



hi suzi i also have fibro i was on amitriptyline 75 and piled the weight on went from size 8 to 12 in 6mths iv weened myself off them finding it hard to lose the weight due to not been able to do cardio exercises go back to your doctor and ask for different tablets the depression is bad enough without having weight problems aswell ....x hope i have helped ..x

Hi I am very like you been poorly for 18 months n only diagnosed 3 months ago I couldn't take the amitriptaline as not made me very snappy and irritable but I take duloxetine and gabapentin for the pain I don't sleep much at all occupational therapy have helped loads xx


Hi Suzi :)

Welcome to the forum and I also hope that you find us caring, sharing and friendly :)

Some people find that the amytriptiline does help them with their sleep and in fact it is prescribed for that purpose in some cases. I take Sertraline and Pregabalin for anxiety, depression and muscle spasms/pain. A lot of medications are multi purpose these days and work well when combined with other medications which is how come it can take so long to find a combination to suit.

We all have fibro and something else, and then there's something else which all need to be treated too. It's a complex illness that researchers are looking at for answers. I rattle when I move :) I certainly couldn't sneak away anywhere people would hear me :D

Anyhoo! Everyone has given you some good advice so I thought I'd rustle up a few links to some of our FAQ's for you.

FAQ - I'm relatively new to this community, is there anything I should know? This may contain some useful links for you :)


FAQ - I'm newly diagnosed, where can I get information on Fibro please?


FAQ - I am having trouble finding my way around the site, please help? I include this just in case!


Our FAQ's can be found under Pinned Posts :)

Fluffie hugs and smiles for you and looking forward to seeing you around

:) xxxsianxxx :)


I would like to thank you all for your kind messages too many to reply to each one as I get really bad shoulder arm & neck pain when writing for too long. But I really do appreciate u all taking time to welcome me & your excellent advice I will have a good read at the different links sent & at the different sections on the site. I feel blessed to have all your support & look forward to getting to know you all. Thank you once again god bless & luv to all. Xxx

hi suzi welcome to the site hope you find it really useful as you can chat to people who understand you i have fibro & other conditions it can take a while to sort your meds out .lilianx

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