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Is my fibro connected to alergies

I have have fibro for about 3 yrs now and have managed to stay in work but have gradually reduced my hours. After a recent talk with my boss (who thought i was drunk) i decided to go off on the sick. While off i paid privatly to get alergy testing done and was very surprised at the results. I am allergic to Pine Nuts, Wheat, Eggs, Fish and most surprising carrots which i love. Has anyone else found they have a lot of alergies.

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I have stopped all the foods but it has only been a week and i haven't noticed a difference yet. Staying off the wheat is the hardest part because i am used to a whole wheat everything diet and wheat seems to be in everything.


Tesco and Asda do a lot of free from foods but if you don't want to live on buns and biscuits there isn't a lot of choice. Most of my meals are now home made because even the wheat free stuff has egg in it which i can't have. I am living on grains, fruit and veg.

Thanks for your advise.


No i have not personally come across that one as yet i eat raw carrots an d will have eggs in different forms, i eat cereals which obviously have the wheat and i will eat fish but i have not noticed anything different when i eat them now with fibro than i did before i had it not to say i wont. but this fibro is so weird x Maybe someone else on here can help you take care love and soft hugs Diddle xx


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