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My friend Fibro

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Let me introduce you to fibro my friend

It's been with me from the beginning & will stay with me until the end

It makes me forget things & throw things across the room

It makes me move at a snails pace

Forgetting how to zoom

It gives me horrid migraines

& bad headaches too

I drop things all over the place & i will be late if meeting you

I get a really dry mouth &

Fatigue it sets in quick

Unless it's time to go to bed

Then my mind starts playing tricks

So now I am wide awake & a restless night it will be

& tomorrow morning I'll be unrefreshed & full of anxiety

My mouth is sore, my taste is wrong

My sense of smell has almost gone

I suffer with depression

My skins sensitive to the sun

It's also sensitive to the touch

Just to name another one

Please don't play your iPod loud

It makes me want to scream

Maybe tonight if I manage to sleep

I won't have a bad dream

My ankles are swollen

My hands & fingers as well a minute ago I was walking & then I just fell

My B12 is low, I get pain in my face

I've had bloods after bloods

Which have no trace

I'm gaining weight I feel a mess

Try to stand & get dizzyness

So if you see me down the street

Looking older than I should

Give me a wave or say hello

As only a true friend could

& if I'm distant or I hit the floor

Remember inside I'm still the girl I was before

So for now here's all you need to know

There's just so many symptoms to my friend Fibro.

27 Replies
Fibrofoggiest profile image

Lovely to see you again TJ - missed seeing you about 😳

I really want to congratulate you on your writing, it is so typical of a day in my life, I'm so very sorry that it is very much the same for you,

I'm sending huge amounts of positive healing vibes your way😃😃

Foggy x

Tinkerjack1912 profile image
Tinkerjack1912 in reply to Fibrofoggiest

Hi Foggy, I'm sorry I've not been about I've become admin on a Facebook support group and I've been busy on there hopefully making a difference.

I hope you are doing ok.

Thank-you for your kind words. Xx

Boxesgirl34 profile image
Boxesgirl34 in reply to Tinkerjack1912

What is the name of the support group your admin for. You can't have too many places to turn too I say, well done to you though it can't be easy having fibro and being an admin sending gentle hugs xx

Tinkerjack1912 profile image
Tinkerjack1912 in reply to Boxesgirl34

Hi here's the link hunny. Hope it's ok to post it on here.

Lou xx

lou1065 profile image

Well done, that sums it up really well xxx

Tinkerjack1912 profile image
Tinkerjack1912 in reply to lou1065


I any one can see your still a girl I'm sorry your in so much pian Endo Iv not herd of that one but it sure seems you don't need that on top of Fibrmyalgia I suffer with a lot as we all doo feet, legs , arms , neck and others horrible pains , what can we do Tinker , just try to be happy as we can Dorset is a nice place I'm from the south east x

Tinkerjack1912 profile image
Tinkerjack1912 in reply to

I come from ashford Kent originally. I've been her five years this year, x

in reply to Tinkerjack1912

I know Kent very well Was always there as a child And go there often Was there three weeks ago x

Wow that was a long poem Il try to think one up x

Regnofibro1 profile image

Very good! I used to love to write but Fibro my friend took that away too.

Tinkerjack1912 profile image
Tinkerjack1912 in reply to Regnofibro1

Tip how I do it, I make notes when they pop in my head then I wrote ticking off the notes as I go. Sometimes it can take me weeks and other times five minutes. Xx

Why does that make me want to cry ? Thank you it beautiful xx

Tinkerjack1912 profile image
Tinkerjack1912 in reply to

Thank-you I didn't mean to make you cry and I know it's not a definite list but the fibro fog kicked in so I used what I had lol. X

TheAuthor profile image

Absolutely wonderful, thank you so much for sharing.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

Tinkerjack1912 profile image
Tinkerjack1912 in reply to TheAuthor

Thank-you Ken. I hope you are doing ok. X

TheAuthor profile image
TheAuthor in reply to Tinkerjack1912

I am fine, thank you for asking x

Brilliant, You just summed up yesterday, I am hoping for better today.

Missed seeing you around.

Hugs sue xxxxxxxxx

Tinkerjack1912 profile image
Tinkerjack1912 in reply to

Hi Sue, I've been busy helping out a fibro & Cfs group on Facebook, it's a hard job some days but I hope I've managed to help some people along the way. How have you been ?


That's fab and true xxx

stumpedok profile image

Hi tinker jack I read it I imagined it being done on a stage as performance poetry. ...The rhythm building as it raced along...heartfelt,sad but reflecting a life. Like you I use the phrase "my fibro friend"..not one I would have chosen but life has lumped us together to travel through life and somehow I have to make the best of all friends sometimes we get along fine and other times we have our disagreements and fall outs. ...I find Fibro often petulant and demanding and often a real pain but I can't shake her/him off....too clingy for my liking!.....Thanks for sharing this with us.

Tinkerjack1912 profile image
Tinkerjack1912 in reply to stumpedok

That's a great out look on things, very similar to my own, I do believe with our friends wether that be online or down the road and our families we can get through anything.

Gentle hugs. Xx

B2WC profile image

Hi Tinkerjack,

Its very true what you put on there, but believe me, in one state I could not even moved, I also even felt like ''that's it..I do not want to live like this no more''..but hey I can share with you if you like..if you really want to be better you could, it is up to is happened to me, I start to be able to walk again after a 6 months housebound..message and I will share with you..

Bacaloca profile image

Wow summed my daily life up in one go. What can I say except gentle hugs every one.XX​

Annunnaki profile image

Hi sweetie! Just discovered this poem bit a year over later! Hum! May I share please with acknowledgement obviously. Unless you prefer totally "Anon" Ta. 💗


Tinkerjack1912 profile image
Tinkerjack1912 in reply to Annunnaki

Hi, yes please feel free to share. Acknowledging Louise Gittens please hunni.

Gentle hugs. Xx

Annunnaki profile image
Annunnaki in reply to Tinkerjack1912

Thank you so much. Will do. 💗

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