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Morning All

Thank you all so much for the warm welcome. It is so great knowing there are people hurting like me. I hope you all got some rest last night. Its a begger rolling over tho aint it? Do you all find this condition makes you abit antisocial? I suppose its the depression that comes with it. My hubby just cannot understand that it is almost impossible to pre arrange things cos I dont know how I am going to feel. It is so B****Y annoying.

Hope you all have a decent day. Gentle hugs to all.X

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Morning Annie52. I've only just got up, had 8 hours sleep! Can't believe it. Just dropped a biscuit on the floor and stood looking at it thinking, how the hell am I going to pick that up. Got down on my knees and got the biscuit and was stuck. Had to crawl to the chair to get myself up again. Well, it was a chocolate biscuit, I wasn't leaving it there! :)

Rolling over is terrible isn't it and then actually getting out of bed too. Lifting my legs to put me drawers and trousers on is agony. Are you on any anti-depressants? I've been on prozac for years and they work for me. Like everyone else on here, I 'put the mask on' and hope for the best. I know sometimes when people come round, I'm not my usual self but just can't help it. I could never pre-arrange things cos of the IBS. I went to Matalan yesterday and only walked round for half an hour and I was so shattered.

I hope you all have a decent day too xx


Sue, I was feeling really rubbish today but your choccie biccy story made me lol. Thanks for my first smile of the day. xx


Hi to you and yes it is a begger as you say, you just want to go to bed shut your eyes and next thing the alarm is going off!!!! perhaps one day soon i will have the pleasure of that who knows the mysteries that lie in the fibro symptons, you take care, put on your mask and hope you having good day love and hugs Soft ones Diddle x


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