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Feeling guilty!

I've just had a 2 hour nap and I know it will take me just as long to get going again. In a bad way I'm just pleased to have blocked out 2 hours of the day...feeling guilty about that!

On the plus side, my wonderful man as done the housework whilst I've been asleep...he even scrubbed the wooden floors rather than use the hoover so as not to disturb me...a bit difficult in a one bedroom flat!

My heart goes out to those of you who don't have an understanding person in your life.

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That's brilliant - I'm off to bed! ;)

Reply hopinf for the cleaning fairy to visist you too!


Poor but lucky you to have been so poorly you went to bed and then to have such a lovely understanding partner, lots of brownie points to him. I ended up in town with my daughter now i look like i have not slept for a week and have been running 26 miles a day for the same lol but only out 1 and half hours. never mind the sun is now shining and another hour or so i am having my bath lush!!! you take care and love and soft hugs to you and pat on back to your partner XXX Diddle xx


Hope you had a lovely time with your daughter....aren't they the best thing to have?

He's brilliant, knows just what to say and that's not very much...knows I value my independence and takes over whaen I can't do lucky!

Just going out for a gentle stroll with the dog.

take care


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