Feeling guilty

I was diagnosed 2 years ago and have had lots of flare ups but I am on day 4 of the worst one ever. I work full time and I don't want to stop working, but each time I have a flare up I feel so guilty and scared that my colleagues think I'm useless. I work for the NHS. I am dreading ringing this morning and feel like crying but I know if I started I may not stop!

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  • Don't worry,you rights in the work place and they should make allowances for your fibro.Hope you feel better soon.

    I have to go to see the counsellor today and it's freezing cold outside.Not looking forward to going as it takes a bumpy hour to get there on my mobility scooter.Oh well at least it saves me bus fare!

  • I am sorry you are having such a struggle in the workplace. Try not to feel guilty or be concerned about what others think - your health comes first. I am wondering if you can have a word with your occupational health doctor? To make your working life easier for you - including regular rest breaks - think about what you need that will make it easier for you. I hope the flare ends soon - take care and look after yourself. x

  • This is exactly what I would have said... Approaching the powers that be before there is an official problem is the best route. Of course it doesn't help if you are getting "attitude" from other workers... This is sad and I understand how you must feel as this happened to me when I worked as a nurse. Unfortunately people are ignorant, even health care workers (!!!) but as has been said don't let that worry you now, your health must come first!!! Wishing you well... xx

  • Thank you for the kind words. xx

  • Sorry you are having so many flare ups. but take no notice of others and concentrate on looking after yourself. when i had to leave work due to another illness i was worried about what others thought and they probably weren't thinking about me anyway. Find someone to talk about your feelings before they build up take care x

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