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I actually managed to sleep through the night, I think it helped that my boyfriend came to bed with me as usually he comes to bed 3/4 hours after I do,which always disturbs me. Maybe that's another good thing if i live apart from him, I'm hoping my health will improve.

Woke up with horrible pain in my shoulders and neck, my legs feel like they need to be streched for hours. And I'm tired, to the point where I might just roll over and go back to sleep but I know it won't help.

My boyfriend's dad is here at the moment, he knows about me moving out, and he scares me quite a bit so I'm hiding too.

I've got an hour's work at 1, and then I'm going to go into uni to do some work. Woo..

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Lucky old you having gone through the night! wish i could perhaps its my turn tnight. But like you say not done you any favours and now you got work and uni and father in law there or x should i say, dont hide from him its your choice you done nothing wrong you hold your head up and be posotive. well hope you managed to get all your bits done love and softn hugs Diddle xx


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